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Author Available In Books
Stephanie Allen A Place Between Stations (grades 9+)
Rafael Alvarez Baltimore Tales from the Holy Land (grades 7+)
M.K. Asante Baltimore Buck (grades 9+), It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop: The Rise of the Post-Hip-Hop Generation (grades 9+), Beautiful. And Ugly Too (grades 9+)
Pam Bachorz Candor (grades 7+)
Angela Balcita Baltimore Moonface (grades 9+)
Louis Bayard Washington, DC Mr. Timothy (grades 9+), Roosevelt’s Beast (grades 11+), Lucky Strikes (grades 6+)
Geoffrey Becker Baltimore Black Elvis (grades 9+), Dangerous Men (grades 9+)
Madison Smartt Bell Baltimore All Souls Rising (grades 9+), Master of the Crossroads (grades 9+), The Color of Night (grades 11+), Doctor Sleep (grades 11+)
Bill Beverly Washington, DC Dodgers: A Novel (grades 9+)
Glenn Blake Baltimore Return Fire (grades 9+), Drowned Moon (grades 9+)
Sarah Blake Washington, DC The Postmistress (grades 11+)
Jessica Anya Blau Baltimore The Summer of Naked Swim Parties (grades 9+)
Sheri Booker Baltimore, Washington, DC Nine Years Under (grades 9+)
Michelle Brafman Washington, DC Washing the Dead (grades 9+)
Geraldine Brooks March (grades 9+)
Derrick Weston Brown Washington, DC Wisdom Teeth (grades 9+)
Thea Brown Baltimore Think of the Danger (grades 9+)
Ron Capps Washington, DC Seriously Not All Right: Five Wars in Ten Years (grades 9+)
H.G. Carrillo Washington, DC Loosing My Espanish (grades 10+)
Maud Casey Washington, DC Genealogy (grades 11+), The Shape of Things to Come (grades 9+), The Man Who Walked Away (grades 9+), Drastic (grades 9+)
Jennifer Close Washington, DC The Hopefuls (grades 9+)
Winifred Conkling Washington, DC Passenger on the Pearl: The True Story of Emily Edmonson’s Flight from Slavery (grades 5+), Radioactive!: How Irène Curie & Lise Meitner Revolutionized Science and Changed the World (grades 5+), Sylvia & Aki (grades 6+)
Susan Muaddi Darraj Baltimore A Curious Land (grades 9+), The Inheritance of Exile: Stories from South Philly (grades 9+)
Matt Dembicki Washington, DC Wild Ocean: Sharks, Whales, Rays, and Other Endangered Sea Creatures (grades 6+), Trickster: Native American Tales, A Graphic Collection (grades 6+), District Comics: An Unconventional History of Washington, DC (grades 9+)
Michael Downs Baltimore The Greatest Show (grades 9+)
David Ebenbach Washington, DC Between Camelots (grades 9+), Into the Wilderness (grades 9+)
Patricia Elam Washington, DC Breathing Room (grades 9+)
Ralph Eubanks Washington, DC Ever Is a Long Time (grades 9+), The House at the End of the Road (grades 9+)
Jeffrey Eugenides The Virgin Suicides (grades 9+)
Danielle Evans Before You Suffocate Your Own Fool Self (grades 9+)
Karyn Langhorne Folan Pretty Ugly (grades 9+), Breaking Point (grades 9+)
Tope Folarin Washington, DC “The Summer of Ice Cream” and “Miracle” (grades 9+)
Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop Washington, DC They Call Me 299-359: Writings by the Incarcerated Youth of Free Minds Book Club & Writing Workshop (grades 6+), The Untold Story of the Real Me: Young Voices From Prison (grades 6+)
Jack Gantos Hole in My Life (grades 9+)
Marita Golden Washington, DC After (grades 9+), The Wide Circumference of Love: A Novel (grades 9+), Migrations of the Heart: An Autobiography (grades 9+)
Stephen Goodwin Washington, DC Breaking Her Fall (grades 9+)
James Grady Washington, DC D.C. Noir (edited by George Pelecanos) (grades 9+), Montana Noir (grades 9+)
Lauren Groff Arcadia (grades 9+)
Jen Grow Baltimore My Life as a Mermaid (grades 7+)
Aaron Hamburger Washington, DC Faith for Beginners (grades 9+), The View from Stalin’s Head (grades 9+)
Chad Harbach The Art of Fielding (grades 9+)
Melanie Hatter Washington, DC The Color of My Soul (grades 9+)
Wil Haygood Washington, DC The Butler: A Witness to History (grades 9+), King of the Cats: The Life and Times of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (grades 9+), Sweet Thunder: The Life and Times of Sugar Ray Robinson (grades 9+), In Black and White: The Life of Sammy Davis, Jr. (grades 9+), Showdown: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court Nomination That Changed America (grades 9+)
William Heath Baltimore, Washington, DC The Children Bob Moses Led: A Novel of Freedom Summer (grades 9+)
Katherine Heiny Washington, DC Single, Carefree, Mellow: Stories (grades 9+)
Carolivia Herron Washington, DC Thereafter Johnnie (grades 11+), Asenath and the Origin of Nappy Hair (grades 9+)
Elliott Holt You Are One of Them (grades 9+)
Tania James Washington, DC Atlas of Unknowns (grades 9+), Aerogrammes (grades 9+), The Tusk That Did the Damage (grades 10+)
Edward P. Jones Lost in the City (grades 9+), The Known World (grades 9+)
Roy Kesey Washington, DC Any Deadly Thing (grades 9+), All Over (grades 9+)
Eugenia Kim Washington, DC The Calligrapher’s Daughter (grades 10+)
Alan King Washington, DC Drift (grades 9+), Point Blank: Poems (grades 9+)
Nik Korpon Baltimore Stay God, Sweet Angel (grades 11+)
Joanne Leedom-Ackerman Washington, DC No Marble Angels (grades 9+), The Dark Path to the River (grades 11+)
Allison Leotta Washington, DC The Last Good Girl: A Novel (Anna Curtis Series) (grades 9+), Law of Attraction (grades 9+), Speak of the Devil (grades 9+)
Louise Levathes Washington, DC When China Ruled the Seas: The Treasure Fleet of the Dragon Throne (grades 10+)
Tony Lewis Jr. Washington, DC Slugg: A Boy’s Life in the Age of Mass Incarceration (grades 9+)
Steve Luxenberg Baltimore Annie’s Ghosts (grades 9+)
Dora Malech Baltimore, Washington, DC Say So (grades 9+), Shore Ordered Ocean (grades 9+)
Christopher Mannino Washington, DC Daughter of Deaths: The Scythe Wielder’s Secret (Volume 3) (grades 6+), School of Deaths (grades 6+), Sword of Deaths (The Scythe Wielder’s Secret Book 2) (grades 6+)
Richard McCann Washington, DC Mother of Sorrows (grades 9+), Things Shaped in Passing: More ‘Poets for Life” Writing from the AIDS Pandemic (grades 9+)
Jean McGarry Baltimore Ocean State (grades 9+)
Kseniya Melnik Snow in May: Stories (grades 9+)
Jen Michalski Baltimore The Tide King (grades 9+), Could You Be with Her Now (grades 9+)
E. Ethelbert Miller Washington, DC How We Sleep on the Nights We Don’t Make Love (grades 9+), The Collected Poems of E. Ethelbert Miller (grades 9+), The Fifth Inning (grades 9+), Fathering Words (grades 9+)
Emily Mitchell Washington, DC Viral: Stories (grades 9+), The Last Summer of the World: A Novel (grades 9+)
Ella Monroe (Amy Reingold & Maz Rauber) Washington, DC Capital Girls (grades 9+)
Barbara Morrison Baltimore Innocent: Confessions of a Welfare Mother (grades 9+)
David Nicholson Washington, DC Flying Home: Seven Stories of the Secret City (grades 9+)
Katharine Noel Baltimore Halfway House (grades 9+)
Julie Otsuka The Buddha in the Attic (grades 9+)
Carolyn Parkhurst Washington, DC The Dogs of Babel (grades 10+), Lost and Found (grades 9+), Harmony: A Novel (grades 9+), The Nobodies Album (grades 9+)
Valerie Patterson Washington, DC Operation Oleander (grades 9+), The Other Side of Blue (grades 9+)
Angela Pelster Baltimore Limber (grades 9+)
Leslie Pietrzyk Washington, DC A Year and a Day (grades 9+), Pears on a Willow Tree (grades 9+)
Sarah Pleydell Washington, DC Cologne (grades 9+)
Shout Mouse Press Washington, DC Our Lives Matter: The Ballou Story Project (Volume 2) (grades 6+), How To Grow Up Like Me: The Ballou Story Project (Volume 1) (grades 6+), The Day Tajon Got Shot (grades 6+)
Felicia Pride Patterson Heights (grades 9+)
Eric Puchner Baltimore Music Through the Floor: Stories (grades 9+), Model Home (grades 9+)
Lia Purpura Baltimore On Looking (grades 9+), King Baby (grades 9+), It Shouldn’t Have Been Beautiful (grades 6+)
Rob Roensch
Deborah Rudacille Baltimore The Riddle of Gender (grades 11+), Roots of Steel: Boom and Bust in an American Mill Town (grades 9+)
Karen Russell Swamplandia! (grades 9+)
James Salter Dusk (grades 9+)
Will Schutt Baltimore Westerly (grades 9+)
Lauren Francis-Sharma Washington, DC ’ Til the Well Runs Dry (grades 9+)
Susan Richards Shreve Washington, DC A Student of Living Things (grades 9+), Plum and Jaggers (grades 9+), Warm Springs (grades 9+), You Are the Love of My Life (grades 9+)
Rachel Louise Snyder Washington, DC Fugitive Denim: A Moving Story of People and Pants in the Borderless World of Global Trade (grades 9+), What We’ve Lost is Nothing (grades 9+)
Jessica Spotswood Washington, DC Born Wicked (grades 7+)
Robert Stone Fun With Problems (grades 9+)
Sonsyrea Tate Baltimore, Washington, DC Little X: Growing Up In The Nation Of Islam (grades 9+)
David Taylor Washington, DC Soul of a People: The WPA Writers’ Project Uncovers Depression America (grades 9+), Success: Stories (grades 9+)
Cristin Terrill Washington, DC All Our Yesterdays (grades 7+), Here Lies Daniel Tate (grades 6+)
Dolen Perkins-Valdez Washington, DC Wench (grades 9+), Balm (grades 9+), Twelve Years a Slave (by Solomon Northup) (grades 9+)
D. Watkins Baltimore, Washington, DC The Beast Side (grades 9+), The Cook Up (grades 9+)
Elissa Brent Weissman Baltimore Nerd Camp 2.0 (grades 5+), Nerd Camp (grades 5+)
Tim Wendel Washington, DC Castro’s Curveball (grades 9+)
Kathleen Wheaton Washington, DC Aliens & Other Stories (grades 9+)
Paula Whyman Washington, DC You May See a Stranger: Stories (grades 9+)
Sarah Wildman Washington, DC Paper Love: Searching for the Girl My Grandfather Left Behind (grades 10+)
Kayla Williams Washington, DC Love My Rifle More Than You: Young and Female in the U.S. Army (grades 9+), Plenty of Time When We Get Home: Love and Recovery in the Aftermath of War (grades 9+)
Robert Williams Washington, DC Strivers and Other Stories (grades 9+)
Andrew Wingfield Washington, DC Right of Way (grades 9+)
Marion Winik Baltimore Rules for the Unruly (grades 9+), The Glen Rock Book of the Dead (grades 9+)
Jacqueline Woodson If You Come Softly (grades 6+)
Susi Wyss Washington, DC The Civilized World (grades 9+)
Morowa Yejide Washington, DC Time of the Locust (grades 9+)
Yolanda Young Washington, DC On Our Way to Beautiful: A Family Memoir (grades 9+)
Jung Yun Baltimore, Washington, DC Shelter (grades 9+)
Alexandra Zapruder Washington, DC Salvaged Pages (grades 9+), Twenty-Six Seconds: A Personal History of the Zapruder Film (grades 9+)
Mary Kay Zuravleff Washington, DC The Bowl Is Already Broken (grades 11+), Man Alive! (grades 9+), The Frequency of Souls (grades 9+)