Sylvia & Aki Jacket Cover

Sylvia & Aki

Winifred Conkling, Yearling, 1372651200.

"A well-documented, quietly powerful story."
- Kirkus Reviews

Here is the remarkable story based on true events of Sylvia Mendez and Aki Munemitsu, two ordinary girls living in extraordinary times. When Sylvia and her brothers are not allowed to register at the same school Aki attended and are instead sent to a “Mexican” school, the stage is set for Sylvia’s father to challenge in court the separation of races in California’s schools. Ultimately, Mendez v. Westminster School District led to the desegregation of California schools and helped build the case that would end school segregation nationally. Through extensive interviews with Sylvia and Aki — still good friends to this day — Winifred Conkling brings to life two stories of persistent courage in the face of tremendous odds.

Appropriate for grades 6 and up.

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